Project and Day Planner

A list of "hopes" gets us nowhere.
Success requires doable actions that are done TODAY.
This takes a Battle Plan.

Overview – This software creates a daily strategy (A Battle Plan) of how to get your tasks done. It combines a graphical overview of your goals and projects along with a Battle Planning module like none anywhere that can be found (and we have looked).

You quickly create a daily strategy/plan for the best use of your hours and minutes, taking into account your goals as well as your normal routines of life. These are laid out on a simple, dynamic single table that presents an ordered list of each task and action you need to do – THAT DAY.

And with the “FOCUS” tool, you focus on one task at a time until it is DONE.  

Take 5 minutes to see the video above for an overview of how it works. 

THIS SOFTWARE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It will be valuable to you if:
  • You are responsible for your own time management.
  • You answer to yourself and are self-determined in your day to day work and life activities.
  • You have many responsibilities.
  • You use MS Windows and spend at least some portion of your time using a computer.
  • You have goals and projects and even lists but have found these are not adequate for helping you get things done.  
Time Coach  has been in development and daily testing since 2011.

Time Coach was developed by a Licensed Consulting Engineer for his own use in running his own projects and time management. It nearly doubled his effectiveness.

It is based upon the concept of a Battle Plan. A Battle Plan is a short term, in the field, strategy that forwards motion towards the accomplishment of bigger goals and strategic plans. 

A Battle Plan is where the “rubber meets the road”. It is a list of action for the coming day which forward one’s overall agenda.

There is NOTHING that we can find that does this. Check out “Organizer Software Review”,  ” Scheduling Software Review”, “Time Management Software” and the like – you will find nothing that does this. 

Every competitor’s program, though often sophisticated, are complicated, and do time tracking (not planning), or task listing (not planning how to get them done), or show appointments (any smart phone can do this), or are online systems for collaboration among many players (charging monthly fees as high as $50 per month).

There is nothing out there that battle plans the individual day.

  • This software was developed for personal use and not for marketing or selling. The developer is a successful engineering consultant and does not need the income – or hassle.  
  • It is being offered publicly mostly as a test because others advised he should. There are, as of 1 September 2015, 152 users of a previous version. This one is greatly enhanced and combines the project and daily planning plus focus functions.
  • If you see its value, grab it while you can. It may be pulled anytime. 
  • It’s been priced in keeping with other so called time management systems. Since we lack sophisticated and slick marketing, we will likely not sell as many.  
  • We’re betting that you’re not interested in slick marketing. You want something that works. This one does. You’ll find nothing like it.
How To Get This Product
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  • Upon payment you will immediately receive, by download, a zip file that contains your Product.
  • Please note that this product does NOT install on your computer. It is a template that works with your Excel Program to do what is described above. You may delete it at any time.
  • Please see our Software Licensing Agreement in the Footer below.
  $40.00 – One Time Fee for Immediate Download
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